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All filmmaker profit is being donated to Rocky, the kids and other HIV/AIDS efforts!



The average person does not place love above his own security. Rocky Braat is not your average person. Rocky has devoted his life to working at an AIDS orphanage in Chennai, India. The children have been abandoned by their families and society. But despite all the pain that this world has shown them, they have learned to love.

I Was Always Beautiful is the raw and unedited documentation of Braat’s life in India and what the children have taught him. Experience his journey through personal journal entries and full-page photographs. All proceeds from the book will go to help Rocky in his work.

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We have set up a 501c3 accredited non-profit organization called LIGHT in response to Rocky Braat and BLOOD BROTHER as a way to directly help and support Rocky, the kids and other orphanages. Together we hope to help change their lives.

We use a secure and verified service called StayClassy for donations. If you click the link below we have set up an easy way to make a one time or monthly donation to help in Rocky’s efforts. You will also be able to print out for tax purposes.

Your donation will enable us to provide for the orphans’ needs in Chennai as well as implement our other various projects. We are run fully by volunteers who give up their time, energy, and money.

To view our goals and efforts with the donations please visit LIGHT’s webpage here.





Our good friend Cory runs a screen print company called Backpage Press. A while back we had his design and print shirts for us. We are beyond excited to share that he has agreed to donate all the profits from the shirts to charity. So please, check out the shirts and buy one to help support Rocky’s efforts! Buy the shirt here.

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ACT V, Red Hot and Arms Around the child partnered with Blood Brother in response to Rocky Braat’s journey as a way to directly help and support Rocky, the kids and other orphanages. Together we hope to help change their lives. We are currently working on strategic ways for you to get involved and will update soon. If you would like more information, please email us at