04 Mar


by Blood Brother

Let’s rally for Milk & Eggs for one year to help a children’s HIV/AIDS orphanage

We created this Rally to support Rocky Braat (aka Blood Brother) and a current goal of his, which is to raise money to cover the cost of eggs and milk for the HIV orphanage for a year.

Eggs are 4 rupees each. The orphanage uses 66 eggs per day (265 rupees), which is roughly $6/day ($2,190/year).

Milk packets are 17 rupees each and the home consumes 30 packets a day, which is roughly $10/day ($3,723/year).

After just a week we’re nearly halfway there! Please help if you’re able to donate, but even a tweet, Facebook post or share are a huge help!

Please check out our page here:

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