Talking to Sundance Doc Makers
18 Jan

Talking to Sundance Doc Makers

by Blood Brother

Stranger Than Fiction asked filmmakers in Sundance’s US Documentary Competition to describe what attracted them to their subject and what conversations they hope the film will start. Below is the response from Steve Hoover, director of Blood Brother. Please check out all of the other films/answers here (there are some amazing films here this year!).

Blood Brother covers a range of topics; love, friendship, HIV/AIDS, family and death. I was drawn to this story through my personal connection with the subject of the film, Rocky Braat, who is my long time best friend.  I hope the film will encourage a lot of inner dialogue, more than conversation.  I would love for viewers to explore their lives and consider what kind of impact they’re making or could make.  I really wanted to avoid controversies with this film and look more within, as I had to do while making it.

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