Sundance Senior Programmer
18 Jan

Sundance Senior Programmer

by Blood Brother

Below is an excerpt from and interview from the PBS blog, Doc Soup, with David Courier, the senior programmer at Sundance.

Sundance Film Festival, that great champion of documentaries, begins today. To honor this gathering and launching pad for yet another strong selection of non-fiction filmmaking, I asked two Senior Programmers of the festival, David Courier and Caroline Libresco, a few questions.

Were there any surprises?

…Another surprise was Blood Brother, directed by Steve Hoover.  It’s an incredibly moving and inspiring debut feature, about a young American man who moves to India where he works with kids in need, that we knew nothing about before it was submitted to us.  If anyone doubts that their film could ever get into Sundance without any connections, they should think again. This film just rose up among the thousands of submissions.  The cream really does rise to the top.

Can you give me one anecdote, some backstory, about a filmmaker who’s coming to Sundance this year, that really moves you?

I guess that would have to be Steve Hoover who directed Blood Brother.  He went to India to make a film about his best friend, Rocky.  Audiences should be prepared to bring a lot of tissues to this film.  There most likely won’t be a dry eye in the house.  And the inspirational quality of this film is particularly noteworthy because it’s coming from a team (Steve Hoover and his producer Danny Yourd) who had never made a film before.

Read entire interview here.

We’re incredibly honored to be a part of Sundance and get to share the film with you all. Thank you for your support and believing in the film, us and Rocky!

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